UW - Stout Senior Show
Fall 2007
Instructor: Nagesh Shinde

Amber Andraschko
William Biwer
Bethany Bonnell
Laurel Cox
Kyle Fletcher
Jessica Frank
Laura Belle Hanley
Daniel Jenstad
Kyle Kingston
Justin Konze
Amber Krieger
Jami McNamara
Derek Presnail
Lucas Richards
Ellen Schuetz
Erin Waters
Edward Wright
Stefanie Yarrington

Show Pictures (coming soon)

Creativity is a mental process involving the generation of new ideas or concepts, and forming new associations between existing ideas or concepts. Creativity is a state of mind. It is not unusual for an artist, whether an amateur or a professional, to have ups and downs in their creativity. Unfortunately, artists block can occur without notice. Suffering from a creative drought, or artist's block, does not mean you're losing your artistic ability. You're just going through a temporary slump, that you will overcome. Is there a key to overcoming this block to restore our creativity?

Evoke unleashes your blocked creativity by keeping the left side of your brain engaged allowing the right side to be free to wander putting you in the correct state of mind to be creative.