UW - Stout Senior Show
Fall 2007
Instructor: Nagesh Shinde

Amber Andraschko
William Biwer
Bethany Bonnell
Laurel Cox
Kyle Fletcher
Jessica Frank
Laura Belle Hanley
Daniel Jenstad
Kyle Kingston
Justin Konze
Amber Krieger
Jami McNamara
Derek Presnail
Lucas Richards
Ellen Schuetz
Erin Waters
Edward Wright
Stefanie Yarrington

Show Pictures (coming soon)

The advances in meat production and processing have created an unsettling feeling in many stomaches.  Cows, chickens, and pigs receive hormones to increase their size and grow at alarming rates.  This has in turn caused health problems and disease in the meat market.  We need an alternative to these factory farm animals. Something fresh.  Something unadulterated.  Something less...processed.

Growing up in the midwest, I have always had an infatuation with the great northwoods.  There exists an air of freshness that has somehow slipped past the hands of the meat industry.  We at 'O Deer' have taken the deer of the northwoods and brought them straight to you without any added steps or hormones.  What you receive is venison in it's pure, original form.  With a little humor and midwestern gusto, we present you with a healthy and savory alternative to those darn factory farm animals.