UW - Stout Senior Show
Fall 2007
Instructor: Nagesh Shinde

Amber Andraschko
William Biwer
Bethany Bonnell
Laurel Cox
Kyle Fletcher
Jessica Frank
Laura Belle Hanley
Daniel Jenstad
Kyle Kingston
Justin Konze
Amber Krieger
Jami McNamara
Derek Presnail
Lucas Richards
Ellen Schuetz
Erin Waters
Edward Wright
Stefanie Yarrington

Show Pictures (coming soon)

Attention Deficit Design is a T-shirt design company focusing on art and design based shirts. The T-shirts are all designed screen printed with love and care by me. The object of this project is to create a brand and inventory for me to launch in my own company. The brand Attenton Deficit is most of all biographical. The use of televisions, optical illusions, low brow art, and black and white are all to reflect the idea of attention deficit while also drawing a direct correlation between media stimulation and the disorder. In other words tv gave me A.D.D. and my brand makes commentary on that. The shirts themselves are a collection of my artwork and are geared toward a youth market.