Medieval Architecture and Character Design

David Lund

The subject of my Senior Project is a culmination of my classes in Digital 3D work. For the past couple years, I've really been heavily interested in 3D Modeling and Texturing, so I decided to focus my project on creating a visually appealing environment and character that fit together. As far as choosing a genre for my work, I've always been a huge fan of the Fantasy & Medieval genre, whether reading books written by Tolkien (or watching the movies), or playing video games, I've always enjoyed the Fantasy genre.

During the research phase, I looked into different video games, movies, and books for inspiration. After compiling a good reference library, I started my sketches on the character. Making different quick sketches, a more detailed sketch of the character, but also really trying to get into the character (thinking about why he is wearing what he is wearing, what sort of weaponry he uses and why) really helped to flesh out the concept. For the cathedral I looked at examples of real architecture, primarily in Europe, but I also looked at churches around town for examples of textures and construction.

The final product will consist of a fly-through of the Cathedral, a turntable of the character, and high quality sill renders of both the environment and character together.