Greek & Roman Inspired Architecture

Aaron French

For my senior project I’ve chosen to design three 3D environments inspired by Greek and Roman architecture. I’ve always admired ancient Greek and Roman art and wanted to emulate that period within my project. The Greeks were known for their idealistic views of the human body and I wanted to portray that in the sculpture of a soldier. Roman architecture was notable for the use of columns and arches accompanied by large triangular shaped peaks with patterned decoration; these qualities are reflected in my environments and overall compositions. To achieve this I modeled the environments using Autodesk Maya, Pixelogic ZBrush and used Adobe Photoshop for the final compositing. The main focus of my project is creating a simple set and rendering it realistically with emphasis on color and composition. The final delivery includes three poster sized renders of each composition and a short breakdown animation of the sets and the process involved in their creation.