Joshua Cleveland

Storyline Synopsis

Aero:Blue is a fifteen minute short from the perspective of twenty year old Airman William Aaron Hendrix, a fictional character from the near future: 2018. Along with his flight partner, Doren Hyde Davison, they are part of a secret operation (Aero:Blue) with the mission: To Seek and Destroy; handed down by the general himself. A deep conflict arises in William, evident in the few minute of the short: The enemy has captured his wife. This is a dangerous combination, which begins to affect his judgment through throughout the short.

Their mission: Seek and Destroy—revolves around a war between radical terrorists and the strong-minded, peace seekers. After the battle of 2012, where ultimately the terrorist regimes had grown a dangerous conscience, all these bands were destroyed by the forces of newly developed United Forces, a group invested in destroying terrorist regimes. It didn’t come before a nuclear war with ravaged portions of the world, knocking those areas into nuclear winter. When the story begins it is nearly seven years after the last bomb fell, peace has become strong. The overall feeling will revolve around old medieval-style romantic stories, only with the newest of twists. Directly, the mission in that moment is to destroy a terrorist operation at Camp Rajmig, a once United Forces stronghold that had fallen and was a particularly important base to the United Forces.

Character Synopsis

William is a strong, determined young individual with an appetite for action and suspense, though sometimes he gets himself carried away. His flight partner and real time friend, Doren Hyde Davison, is more the down to earth type, rational to all decisions and definitely not as hungry as William. The both of them together make an interesting combination and serve as each other’s “juxtaposition”. Where William openly defies the higher-ups orders—he making both Squad Leader as well as Senior Airman rather quickly—Doren tends stick with orders, often arguing with William about being an airhead.