The Story of General-E

Sara Lind

Most locals think he’s a myth, like Bigfoot or the Loch Ness monster, but there are a few folks that HAVE seen him… and they have named him: General - E.

This is the story of a cute little robot that has found his way into a rural Minnesota town. He is a mystery because no one is sure where he came from or what he is up to. General-E does not understand our culture so his antics can sometimes be misconstrued. For example, he is currently building a (secret) structure using parts stolen from neighbors.

At the end of my video it will be revealed what he has built. Some of locals don’t mind him, some think he doesn’t belong here, but most are frankly just confused about what he is.

My project shows a combination of 3D animation and modeling of this robot combined with video footage of interviews from people who have heard the stories about him or have their own first-hand sightings. It will show how these two mediums can be edited together to form a small story.