Shades of Love

Brian Hildman

Shades of Love (SOL) is a gay marriage campaign whose effort is to break down barriers and logically lay out the arguments behind both sides of the same sex marriage debate. Ultimately, Shades of Love discourages "bigotree" and encourages "equalitree" when looking at the various types of love we know and experience. SOL recognizes that there are 1150 basic human rights denied to GLBT individuals, and realizes that this creates a shift in power from those who do have those rights and those who do not. If you don't love and understand someone, you either ignore or hate them.

This is why SOL is important, LGBT issues are not just going to disappear, and the conflicts they create are real and powerful. Same sex marriage is a high profile civil rights issue which encompasses long-held Christian values, closeted terrified teens, loving professional adults, and everything in between. On May 14th, 2010, Brian Hildman formally invites you to partake in SOL's dialogue to learn more about the campaign through the University of Wisconsin-Stout's Multimedia Design Senior Show.

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