Avary Music

Seth Carlson

Both the technology and music blogspheres, though thriving resources of information, lack variety in the medium of music writing and recording. The aim with avarymusic is to create a hybrid site in which both of these processes (song writing and recording) are produced for a web audience. These are subjects that are broad, and difficult to locate resources or examples for. As recording technology becomes increasingly available, emerging recording artists can benefit from an online resource of examples and discussions by people just like themselves.

Enter Avary Music, a blog based website focused on experimenting with song writing processes, and various recording techniques. Avary is a four member rock based music collective located in Wisconsin. We love music, and we’ve been trying our hand at writing and recording since 2005. Not your traditional rock stars, we all have day jobs and school to attend, but that has not yet stopped us from song writing.

We would like to share our tips and tricks with the up and coming, as well as confirm the success of other writers by inviting guests to describe their processes both in song writing and recording. To paraphrase Fiona Apple, there is no write or wrong way to make music, only a true and a false way.