Volunteering and Service Learning

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Volunteer your instructional design services and build new artifacts to showcase your skills and build a broader ePortfolio. It's important to design projects to support the client's or organization's goals while increasing your instructional design experience.

Service Learning Opportunities

Volunteer locally! All organizations need training. Ask around and offer to help out on a training or performance problem. Many organizations' HR departments do not provide training or have experience in that area, and could use some assistance.

You may find a local nonprofit such as the Boy Scouts, Little League, or local museum with an educational project that needs your help.

These service learning opportunities offer a mutual exchange between students who want to learn more about working on instructional design projects in the community, and organizations that want to further their success through integrating instructional media products.

Designers for Learning
This organization matches instructional design students with nonprofits in service-learning projects. Instructional design students develop solutions that are customized to the organization’s learning and performance improvement needs.

Lingos (eLearning Global Giveback Competition)
Volunteer for this organization and create something for their clients.

UN Online Volunteers Program
This organization might be a source of projects and contacts.

Volunteer Match