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Check here for current salary reports and job hunting advice. This page is part of a comprehensive ID Career Center created for UW-Stout students and open to all.

A UW-Stout College of Education, Hospitality, Health and Human Sciences survey revealed that 96% of the Instructional Design certificate graduates* who responded to the survey said they are working as instructional designers or in a closely related field.

  • 33% indicated the certificate helped them make a career change.
  • 88% indicated they are applying what was learned to a current job.
  • 35% responded that they are searching for a new job, using the e-portfolio developed as part of the certificate program.

Graduates are employed at

  • community colleges/ universities
  • business and industry
  • Department of Defense
  • government (state and local)
  • nonprofit/trade associations
  • educational companies
  • healthcare
  • K-12 school districts
  • retail/wholesale/distribution
  • insurance
  • marketing
  • manufacturing
  • travel/hospitality
  • telecommunications
  • or self-employed.

Job titles include

  • instructional design consultant
  • content developer
  • training and learning associate
  • developer or coordinator
  • corporate training associate, developer, coordinator
  • director/ manager of training and learning or compliance
  • instructional systems designer
  • content developer
  • learning and development analyst.

Infographic - 2018 Global eLearning Salary & Compensation Report

Tapping Networking Opportunities

Become an Instructional DesignerInstructional Design Certificate

Nuts and Bolts: The ID (Job Description) Bucket Overfloweth

Your peers in the UW-Stout Instructional Design (ID) classes can be some of your most valuable job search networking contacts,  as well as support system during your job search. This only happens if you develop relationships with other participants in each of your courses and use them effectively.

One past student wrote:

"The peers in my ID courses were my lifeline. We bounced ideas off each other, proofread each other's resumes, cover letters, and ePortfolio artifacts, and generally encouraged each other.

"The night before my interview, one of my peers sent me a summary of our project management course, reminding me why it's so important to be able to stay on budget and on time. The support system is a great added bonus in the UW-Stout program."

As you build your network, don't forget about alumni. "Alumni can be some of your most valuable job search networking contacts, but only if you utilize them effectively."
 — 5 Steps to Effective Alumni Networking in a Job Search.


To hear about job openings and to learn from pros in the field, join LinkedIn interest groups.

Current and former UW-Stout students are welcome to join our E-Learning and Online Teaching + Instructional Design LinkedIn Group.

  1. Instructional Designers — A 15,000 member, active group of professionals. Anyone from any level of instructional design experience has the opportunity to ask for assistance from the group.
  2. E-learning Industry Group — The best collection of eLearning articles, eLearning concepts, eLearning software, and eLearning resources.
  3. Freelance in Instructional Design and E-Learning
  4. Instructional Design and e-Learning Performance Solutions
  5. The Instructional Design Forum
  6. Learning Development Institute Group
  7. Contract Trainer and Instructional Design Professionals

Professional Organizations

Professional organizations will also help you develop your career networking.