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Resume and Cover Letter Advice

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How to Write the Perfect Resume for Your Job Hunt
Fresh advice from Alison Doyle. What should you include? What should be left off? Advice on style and type of resume.

Hiring Managers Rank Best and Worst Words to Use in a Resume – The national CareerBuilder survey identifies which commonly-used resume terms are overused or cliche and which are strong additions.

How to Create a Robot-Friendly Resume to Land Your Dream Job – Kelsey Cox, Director of Communications, provides some helpful infographics. Describing the new resume-filtering technology. Kelsey says, " Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) scan applications for keywords, dates, titles, and other critical information, eliminating 75% of the lesser qualified candidates (and sometimes highly qualified candidates who didn’t have a robot-friendly resume.)"

Five Ways Job-Seekers Shoot Themselves in the Foot – Liz Ryan explains how to customize your resume for each job opportunity.

12 Tiny Changes That Make Your Resume Easy for Recruiters to Skim
Lily Zhang provdes resume formatting strategies to make sure you get noticed when applying to jobs. 

Cover Letter Advice

This CEO believes resumes are becoming obsolete — here’s why

The 8-Minute Resume
Marc Cenedella, Founder and Executive Chairman of TheLadders, says, "Your professional summary is a separated list of two or three lines that summarizes your professional ambitions, background, and talents. You’ll include 12 -15 phrases of two or three words each in this section. On your resume, you should begin this section with the three or four job titles you want most, and then intersperse the skills and successes…"

Resume Rules from TheLadders — “Your resume is the most important tool in your employment campaign.“

Sample Resumes

Best Sample Resumes – provides free resume samples, tips on how to write a job resume, and templates.

John Wong’s resume – This sample resume demonstrates how to showcase past projects.

Interview Questions and Strategies

How to Handle a Telephone Interview

Instructional Design Interview Questions –114 sample questions employers might ask when interviewing an instructional designer.

Interview Questions for an Instructional Designer – ReadyPrepInterview provides a list of twenty-three questions for employers to consider when interviewing instructional designers.

Tips for Employers Interviewing ID Candidates – provides a list of tips to evaluate instructional design candidates to help find a person that is the right fit for the position and the team.

Interviewing Steps and Strategies – Katherine Brunt shares tips for the phone interview, the second interview, and the third interview.

How to answer the ‘Tell me about yourself’ interview question

How to Answer the Interview Question "What Have You Been Doing Since Your Last Job?"

21 Questions You Need to Ask in a Job Interview

Explaining Why You Are Out Of Work Makes All the Difference

How to Deal with a Long Hiring Process
The Six-Month Job Interview - The Hiring Game

My Single Best Tip for a Job Interview

Salary Negotiations

Amy Lindgren’s Tips for Salary Negotiations – "According to some surveys, about half of American workers neglect to ask for more money when receiving a job offer. Women do worse than men on this count, which might explain some of the gender-based income gap."

Salary Negotiation – Jane Burnett discusses five ways to boost your earning potential and tips for negotiating the intangibles such as a four-day work week or work-from-home arrangement.

Salary Negotiation Tips: Thou Shalt Not Agree — "Saying 'OK' or 'yes' to the first salary offer can leave thousands of dollars on the table. The Ten Commandments of Salary Negotiation (Part 4): Salary expert Jack Chapman offers 10 lessons on salary negotiation in the vein of the Ten Commandments."