2nd Period Play-by-Play

  UW-La Crosse vs. UW-Stout
  Date: Oct 17, 2018 • Site: Menomonie, Wis.

2nd Period Play-by-Play
 Start of 2nd period [45:00].
[45:30]  Shot by UWL Margaret Harings HIGH.
[48:29]  GOAL by UWL Margaret Harings (FIRST GOAL), Assist by Natalie Jamison, goal number 8 for season.
UW-La Crosse 1, UW-Stout 0
 *cross inside of box
[52:19]  Shot by UWL Natalie Jamison, SAVE Melissa Ferrise.
 Foul on UW-La Crosse.
[56:17]  Shot by UWL Maya Schmitt WIDE.
[57:00]  Shot by UWL Natalie Herzog HIGH.
[59:01]  Shot by UWL Delaney Harnell HIT CROSSBAR.
[59:20]  UWL substitution: Hayley Hargroder for Mary Mansker.
[62:05]  Shot by UWL Delaney Harnell HIGH.
[65:23]  STOUT substitution: Lexie Wescott for Lindsay Penkala.
[65:23]  STOUT substitution: Lexi Fernandez for Sam Krugel.
 Foul on UW-Stout.
[67:49]  Shot by UWL Alex Cording, SAVE Melissa Ferrise.
[68:18]  UWL substitution: Hannah Anderson for Alex Cording.
[68:18]  UWL substitution: Tori Barnhart for Megan Carroll.
[68:18]  UWL substitution: Heather Baran for Natalie Herzog.
[68:18]  UWL substitution: Katie Feller for Mary Mansker.
[69:52]  UWL substitution: Alex Graeber for Cassie Handrick.
[69:52]  UWL substitution: Hannah Beech for Kaitlyn Villars.
[69:52]  UWL substitution: Madison Eghigian for Margaret Harings.
[69:52]  STOUT substitution: Lindsay Penkala for Melissa Rice.
[70:38]  Shot by STOUT Bella Pedlar WIDE.
 Foul on UW-La Crosse.
[75:49]  STOUT substitution: Melissa Rice for Lexie Wescott.
 Corner kick by UWL Alex Graeber [76:56].
[76:58]  Shot by UWL Delaney Harnell, SAVE Melissa Ferrise.
[77:41]  GOAL by UWL Hannah Beech, Assist by Heather Baran, goal number 3 for season.
UW-La Crosse 2, UW-Stout 0
 *left side of box
[77:43]  UWL substitution: Alex Cording for Heather Baran.
[77:43]  UWL substitution: Kaitlyn Villars for Hannah Anderson.
[77:43]  UWL substitution: Margaret Harings for Maya Schmitt.
[77:43]  STOUT substitution: Sam Krugel for Lindsay Penkala.
[77:43]  GOAL by UWL Alex Graeber, goal number 1 for season.
UW-La Crosse 3, UW-Stout 0
 *bottom right corner
[77:43]  STOUT substitution: Kali Brahs for Lexi Fernandez.
[81:48]  Shot by UWL Kaitlyn Villars, SAVE Melissa Ferrise.
 Corner kick by UWL Hannah Beech [82:23].
[82:25]  Shot by UWL Alex Graeber HIGH.
 Corner kick by STOUT Hannah Kirchner [83:30].
 Corner kick by STOUT Hannah Kirchner [83:55].
[84:10]  Shot by STOUT Sam Krugel, SAVE Lily Brock.
 Foul on UW-Stout.
[87:05]  Shot by UWL Hannah Beech HIGH.
[88:27]  Offside against UW-La Crosse.
[89:37]  GOAL by UWL Margaret Harings.
UW-La Crosse 4, UW-Stout 0
 End of period [90:00].