Credentials and Certificates


The Basics of Faculty Credentialing - This article help you understand how schools determine your teaching qualifications. Be sure your CV/Resume presents your skills and subject matter expertise in a way that quickly shows decision makers how you align with their credentialing requirements.

Finding Faculty: Hiring Practices That Work
Here's advice to help you understand the hiring process from the point of view of a hiring manager.

CV, Resume, and Cover Letter Advice

How to Write the Perfect Resume for Your Job Hunt. Fresh advice from Alison Doyle. What should you include? What should be left off? Advice on style and type of resume.

CV vs Resume - What is the Difference? [+Examples] Here's a detailed article, with examplse, to help you build an effective CV or Resume. Knowing when and where to use either document will help you tune your job search to the demands of academic (and corporate) work.

How I Transformed my Resume into a CV and Found Success - Dorothy A. Miraglia, PhD shares her personal experience about expanding her resume into a more personal and complete representation of her skills and abilities.

20 Steps to your new online teaching CV - "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao Tzu's classic insight fit your situation. As you look at this useful infographic keep in mind that building your online teaching career requires tenacity and hard work. A detailed CV takes time and effort to create but promises rewards.

Academic Cover Letters - The Purdue Online Writing Lab (OWL) explains almost everything you need to do when preparing your cover letter. All I'd add to this fine resource is the reminder to include a link to your job seeking portfolio.

The Community College Application: CV or Resume? - Solid advice from Rob Jenkins, Associate Professor at Georgia Sate University Perimeter College.  Bottom line: HR might be thinking resume, but the academics on the hiring committee want to know the details.  The are expecting a CV.

Community College FAQ: The Application - Insiders have insight .Rob Jenkins brings you inside the hiring process and explains just what to expect when applying for Community College teaching positions. His explanation of HR process and state level application forms will help you understand why you have to slog through a tedious process.

Interview Questions and Strategies

The Babb Group: Common Online Teaching Job Interview Questions
Think your answers through before that hard won interview. Excellent advice!

How to Handle a Telephone Interview
Unlike conventional work, a face to face interview for online teaching positions is relatively rare. This means you'll need to polish your phone interviewing skills.

The Six-Month Job Interview
The Hiring Game: Surviving the long hiring process