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"I did a lot of research comparing different ID programs across the country, and I am grateful that I found this program."

~ Nicole Michelon, Norfolk, Virginia

"I got a job ... a great job as an instructional designer, and it is all because of you. I have accepted a position with a prestigious federal employer. Wow, I never would have had the confidence to pursue this position without your invisible support."

~ Cally Mervine, Sheboygan, Wisconsin

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Instructional Design Careers

Trends in Hiring Instructional Designers: UW-Stout Instructional Design Career Center

Check here for current salary reports and job hunting advice. This page is part of a comprehensive ID career center created for UW-Stout students and open to all.

How to Break into Instructional Design

Mark Lieberman’s article from #Inside Digital Learning is rich in resources and hyperlinks. You will find insightful tips and early career advice from instructional designers working in higher education.

Is Instructional Design the Right Career?

Christy Tucker made the transition from high school teacher to a career as a highly successful instructional designer. She describes what it takes to make a move to instructional design. There are dozens of on-point articles to browse on Christy’s Experiencing Elearning blog.

Former Teacher Success Stories: Other Jobs for Teachers

Kari Kinesly shares many stimulating videos and interviews to discover. Success stories may help you find your way. You can also share your journey. Consider it.

Do You Need an Instructional Design Degree?

Tom Kuhlmann’s insights on the “back to school, or not” issue are grounded in real-world experience. His Rapid E-Learning Blog is rich in industry wisdom. You will also find a deep archive, including recent information on all E-Learning topics.

How I became an Instructional Designer: Interview with Xanthe

Xanthe Lawson’s career life story is fascinating. Her path from rural Australia to international instructional design resonates for all who desire to find their way as they learn.

How to Become an Instructional Designer by eLearning Industry

This eBook features ‘How I got here...’ stories from 24 accomplished instructional designers. Each designer shares tips, tricks, and insights about the job and art of instructional design. Read the book online, or sign up via LinkedIn with The eLearning Industry’s Network to download the book.

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