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Science Technology & Engineering Preview Summer Camp for Girls


"Initially nervous about attending and thinking the camp would be boring, by the end of the week we wanted to be duct-taped to our beds so we could stay longer. STEPS expanded your mind and your self-esteem. It was flattering to be accepted from all the seventh grade girls in Wisconsin.” Two 1997 campers."

“Somewhere in their young lives girls are given the false message that they don’t have the talent or ability to follow careers in engineering, science, and technology. They begin believing it, which results in a severe shortage of women in these fields. The objective of STEPS is to reverse this influence at an early enough age that the girls have not burned any bridges in scholastic preparation for a technical career. The short-term results of our camp are gratifying. The camp doubles the number of girls who report that they knew what an engineer or scientist does and doubles the number who aspire to an engineering or science career.” Dr. Pete Heimdahl, Director, STEPS for Girls.

“This project is truly exemplary of the kind of action needed for education equity, and we applaud your efforts.” Kay E. Stevens, Initiative for Educational Equity Coordinator, the American Association of University Women – Wisconsin, in announcing that STEPS for Girls had won the organization’s 1998 Equity Initiative Award.

“When I was accepted into the STEPS program for one week last summer.” 1997 camper, when asked in a newspaper interview about the most memorable thing she had ever done.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you for the awesome week you provided my daughter, Holly! What a wonderful experience! Holly is all excited talking about all she learned, sharing principles that were discussed, and giving reasons for why things were done in a certain way. I appreciate all the effort that was given to provide such a wonderful experience.” Parent of 2002 camper.

“My daughter attended the STEPS program two summers ago in 1999. She has gained so much from it I can't put it into words. Her self-confidence has skyrocketed to the moon. Her grades have followed. Old grades were 2.5 - 2.7 range. Since the program, 3.7-4.0. Yes, straight A's a couple times. Our entire family attributes the change to the STEPS Program. She is a real leader and go-getter the last couple years. She always tells us that "she found out that she wasn't dumb" at the camp. No other changes in her life. She has surrounded herself with great friends and consistently gets high remarks from her instructors in school. Truly an amazing life change for her.” Father of 1999 camper.

“If I could go again, I would!” 2002 Camper.

“Not only was STEPS fun, but it also gave me a different perspective on engineering. I didn’t think that engineering could be this much fun or this interesting. It made me think about getting a job in the engineering field some day…. I am glad that you gave us a chance to learn. You opened up a new world for us.” 2002 Camper.