Employers & Professionals Showing: 5-7 pm

Are you an employer or professional? Want to beat the crowd? We have set aside a time from 5-7pm on May 13th for you lovely folks to beat the rush. Come in early and check out our projects before everyone else. We will make sure to have refreshments, smiles, and will be ready to impress. The location and date are above. See you there.

What is DFIX?

DFIX- Design, Fabrication, Innovation for Xtreme Affordability. The world needs more cost-effective solutions for the people at the Base of the Pyramid – to scale, and quickly. Many more public contracts will be offered to social enterprises but at rock-bottom prices, as desperate authorities simply need services as cheaply as possible and can't wait for a better tomorrow.

Key Questions

How can we design, fabricate and implement affordable solutions for the developing world's toughest challenges? How can we maximize social impact with our designs?

Senior Capstone Studio students in Graphic Design were challenged to develop products and services that offer insights for building scalable, profitable businesses that are sustainable, and can truly help alleviate the quality of life for the less fortunate people.

Students identified social ills to create sustainable business solutions, applying emerging technologies keeping “The base of the Pyramid” in mind. This initiative is inspired by the National Science Foundation (NSF) workshop on “Research in Materials and Manufacturing for Extreme Affordability” at the Ball State University campus in Muncie, Indiana. It brought together an international group of researchers to explore opportunities for commercially viable housing and product development in the most impoverished regions on earth.

Architecture students at Ball State University led by Mahesh Senagala, Chair and Emerging Media fellow of Department of Architecture concurrently worked with us and provided guidance.

Nagesh Shinde
Associate professor for Graphic Design,
Department of Art and Design,
University of Wisconsin-Stout


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Our Work

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