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Jobs and Careers Working from Home (WFH)

Virtual Interview Tips

Chronicle of Higher Education: How to Ace the Virtual Interview

Kim Brettschneider describes what not to do when teleconferencing as a job applicant. Solid advice on virtual backdrops, dealing with awkward disruptions, preemptive muting, how to practice, eye contact, usernames, and more. The advice applies to everyone participating in virtual interviews.

We Are Teachers: Tips for Nailing Your Virtual Teacher Interview: You’ve Got This

Kimmie Fink’s advice is tuned for K-12 teachers looking for that dream job. The author offers some subtle tips that will help you prepare and stand out.

Take the time to craft your email name and other online accounts to set a professional tone. Preparation recommendations include investigating the mission statements of schools you are interested in, links to common interview questions, how to dress, and tips on body language. Links to social media groups for teachers round things out. 

Harvard Business School Online (HBS) - Nine Tips for Mastering Your Next Virtual Interview

The advice is clear. Show you are technically savvy. Research your potential employer. Be ready for common interview questions. Have a list of questions you want to ask. Practice, don't memorize. Dress for success. Follow up immediately. No-nonsense advice that will help you distinguish yourself in an interview.   


Beyond Zoom - Microsoft Teams 

Microsoft has bundled chat, search, online meetings, video calling, file storage, and real-time collaboration using office tools into Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft offers ‘free’ accounts for academic and nonprofit organizations under Limited-time offers. However, the FAQ says the free version account will not expire.

Making Remote Learning Effective and Engaging with Microsoft Education Resources

This index page opens the door to Microsoft Education instructional

Microsoft Education Blog: Top 5 Ways Teachers Can Use Microsoft Teams During Remote Learning

If you find yourself working (or interviewing) in Microsoft Teams, Mike Tholfsen’s article is for you. The more you practice with this technology, the better. Tholfsen provides links to resources for both higher education and K-12 educators. If you are wondering how to use the built-in backgrounds, check out the clever YouTube video (2:15) from the author.

Top 10 Tips for Teaching Using Microsoft Teams YouTube (7:02 minutes)

Ben Ryder’s video is appropriate for high school and college instructors and includes class-tested advice on teaching with MS Teams. Imagine the experience behind this first tip, “Make students participants so they cannot mute and remove others from the call.” If you are hands-on with Teams, don’t miss this. 


Beyond Zoom - Google Meet

Google Meet is enterprise-level video conferencing software.

The premium version is available free for everyone with a Google account through September 30, 2020. It appears likely that free accounts (limited to 25 users) will continue from now on. Those using G Suite should check the future pricing.

We Are Teachers: Google Meet 101 for Teachers: Here’s How to Make it Work for You

Kimberley Moran’s do it yourself guide helps you connect with your students in realtime. You’ll find well-illustrated tutorials, including instructional videos on basic setup, scheduling, planning, recording your meetings, and accessibility captioning.

The article assumes you are using G Suite for Education.

Guide to Google Hangouts Meet for Students and Parents 2020 YouTube: (3:56 minutes)  

Mr. Vacca, a tech-savvy middle school administrator, presents a short, fast information-packed video. If you’re a K-12 teacher seeking a job in a school that uses Google Classroom, expect to interview in Google Meet. 

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