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EDUC 651 Project-based Learning

Our Students Say

"You have opened my eyes to a whole new way to run my classroom, a better way for the students to learn."
          ~ Denise Tufts, Certified Nursing Assistant instructor HS, Greene, Maine

"I needn't limit myself to students watching videos at home and working in small groups in class. Instead, I can assist students in uncovering the concepts outside the classroom and use them in various classroom activities. The variety of possible activities is limitless."
           ~ Jennifer Belanger, Math Teacher, Douglas, Massachusetts

USDLA Certified

Five Tech Skills You Need for the Next Decade


Cult of Pedagogy - Tips for Starting a Podcast
Listen or read about Jennifer Gonzlez’s process of creating podcasts. These tips are for teachers, students, or anyone who wants to tell their own story. This skill could take you anywhere. 

Virtual Reality

Google Virtual Tour Creator
Learn to build immersive VR tours using your 360-degree photos or Google Street View imagery. Get started quickly with Richard Byrne’s overview video — https://youtu.be/2s4rhDbyYo4  Oh, the places you’ll go!


These are two lesser-known, clever, and easy-to-use curation systems.
We swim in an ocean of information. Learning to filter, organize, reflect, and display digital information is an essential skill for 21st-century thinking.  

  • eLink
    Keeps things simple.
  • Webjets   
    Creates a multilevel bulletin board.

Digital Footprints

What Job Seekers, Employees, and Employers Need to Know About Social Media
Everything we do online becomes part of our virtual reputation. Managing your tracks and being aware of your professional presence online is both a life and job skill. This article provides insights into the practical and legal implications of social media. 

Mindful Technology

Can Well-Being Be Improved with Tech? (Or Is That Crazy Talk?)
Can tech, solve the problems tech causes? Patrick Palace provides an overview of mindfulness technology from wearables to smart yoga mats. Thought-provoking! 


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