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EDUC 648 Math Assessment for Response to Intervention (RtI)

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"I'm a new teacher, and I learned many new useful ideas from teachers who have been in the profession for years."


STEM-Steam - Or Both?

The Conversation: Explainer: What's the difference between STEM and STEAM?

Blending the creativity and critical thinking of the arts into the science, technology, engineering, and math of STEM gets inquiry and problem-based learning into the ultimate cross-curricular mix.

Autodesk Design Academy - Projects for your classroom

Appropriate for high school and college students, here’s a searchable database of asset-rich projects complete with all the resources you need to teach both Stem and Steam skills. Best of all, Autodesk provides students and teachers with all the software required to create the professional level designs, all for free.

Next.cc - Open Source Catalog of STEAM Resources

This award-winning site dedicated to design-based learning provides resources and inspiration for both STEM and STEAM hands-on learning experiences.

Described as an “eco-web network of journeys,” NEXT.cc provides many resources to help everyone discover the essence of design and community.

Edutopia: Resources for STEAM

Add a blend of humanities, the arts, and design to any STEM program, and you’ve given it a little creative steam to cross the curriculum and ignite the interests of your students. Expertly curated resources from Edutopia!

Lego Artist and Designer: Sean Kenny’s YouTube Channel

Light up your Lego builders by introducing them to the artist’s view of how the ‘bricks’ reflect reality. Learn to build amazing creations.  

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What Is Wolfram|Alpha?

Explore this, “unique engine for computing answers and providing knowledge.”

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