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The Positive Side of Social Media

Positive Effects of Social Media on Your Teen

Lauren May’s article gives you reliable information about the pros and cons of social media for teens. Her three-minute overview video delivers a balanced view of a controversial subject.

Worry Over Social Media Use and Well-Being May Be Misplaced

Insight into the anxiety we have about the impact of social media on our kids. Lydia Denworth shares new research that may ease your mind. 

Three Fears about Screen Time for Kids - and Why They’re Not True

Sara DeWitt is a Children’s Media Expert who oversees the PBS Kids website. Her inspirational Ted Talk helps us understand a new narrative. As adults, we live on our phones while worrying about our kids playing on their tablets.

Social Media Use Can be Positive for Mental Well-being: Three Questions, Three Answers

Fresh research from the Harvard School of Public Health: “Mesfin Awoke Bekalu, a research scientist in the Lee Kum Sheung Center for Health and Happiness at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, discusses a new study he co-authored on associations between social media use and mental health and well-being.”

Rubric for Assessing Twitter Posts

How can we expect our students to hit the target if we don’t carefully describe how to aim? A rubric for Twitter posts is one gem from UW-Stout’s rubric treasure chest

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