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EDUC 765: Trends and Issues in Instructional Design
Fall: August 26 - October 18, 2019

Our Students Say

"I got a job!! Whooohoooo! It's perfect for me as well - Executive Director, Inc. hired me, and I'll be the instructional designer for their client, an organization called The Society for Immunotherapy of Cancer (SITC). I taught biology and chemistry as a teacher for the last 17 years, and this will be fascinating. I would not have been able to make this transition without the UW-Stout ID Certificate."

~ Julia Cabaniss, Thiensville, Wisconsin


Search - Find What You Seek

Google Search Education

A video-rich, comprehensive training resource for students, teachers, and librarians.

Browse lesson plans, self-paced power searching courses, and daily search challenges focused on culture, geography, history, or science.

Everything is designed for Google Classroom, and can easily adapt to other online, blended, and face-to-face teaching and learning environments.

10 Things DuckDuckGo Can Do For You

Tim Fisher describes a search engine that protects your privacy. Unlike Google, which monetizes a person’s search history to sell ads, DuckDuckGo doesn’t track your search queries. Better still, your search results are not cluttered with paid placement links.

The Best Search Engines of 2019

Try searching with more than one search engine to improve your results and yield more diverse sources.

Paul Gil explores nine search engines. Try the same query on each and notice the differences.

7 Trusted Medical Journal Search Engines

If you are researching medical issues, skip the big search engines, and go directly to medical journal databases with expertly curated articles.

Here is Dinethra Menon’s helpful list from Health Writer Hub.

Basic Information Fluency

Are ready to go beyond literacy to information fluency? Dr. Carl Heine shares steps to build essential skills. Work through 15 Challenges with progress assessed each step of the way.

Challenges include:

  • Learning how to fact check
  • How to create optimal keyword
  • Investigate authors for credibility
  • Recognize bias and evaluate the publisher of a website.

This resource includes links to information fluency dispositions, rubrics, and standards.

Tech Tip

Keyboard Shortcuts to Save Time on Web Searches

Search at your fingertips, command and control finds what you seek.

Are you trying to find a specific word or phrase on a long webpage?
Command-F (Mac) Control-F (PC) opens a search box that will get the job done.

47 Keyboard Shortcuts That Work in All Web Browsers

Chris Hoffman shares shortcuts to save time and make your searching more efficient.

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