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EDUC 760 Elearning and Online Teaching

Learn how to integrate video conferencing tools, social media, discussion forums, assessment tools, learning management systems, screencasts, and closed-captioned videos.

Our Students Say

“Her style of using Zoom and YouTube videos for visual instruction was beneficial.”

“She is an excellent example of an online educator, and I will take this experience and attempt to mirror it in my future teaching.”

EDUC 761 Collaborative Communities in E-learning - Online Facilitation Skills

Learn how to foster group interaction using online discussion boards, chat, Skype, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom.

Our Students Say

"...the course design fostered a level of cohesive participant interaction that I have not experienced in many places.”

“The instructor provided an effective model of online facilitation while teaching about online instruction. Every potential online instructor or trainer should take this class."

USDLA Certified

How to Engage Learners Online

How To Create Engaging Discussion Forums

Yvonne Ho shares many ways to use a discussion forum to build a community of practice. Have you considered peer reviews, guessing games, role play, or case studies? Find ten different ways to make your forums effective.

When the Tide Goes Out: Identifying and Supporting Struggling Students in Online Courses

Marie A.Revak provides expert insight on engaging all learners. Look for six tips to help students struggling to adapt to online learning. 

An Open Letter to Teachers About Online Classes

Practical classroom insights from Jacqui Murray, a veteran K-8 Teacher turned adjunct professor. Her list of "pros & cons" will help you understand what it takes to teach online. 

Best Practices for Using Video in Online Learning

Learn about the effectiveness of micro-lectures as you rethink ways to deliver your traditional classroom content. Mary Fry includes tips for producing and integrating videos into your course. This article is part of TOPkit (Teaching Online Preparation Toolkit).

The Power of Online Discussions

A "best articles" archive of advice from the eLearning Industry. This rich curation of ideas about online discussion is especially appropriate for high school and college audiences. 

Online Learning Made Simple: How Experts Do It

Our colleagues, Susan Manning, Dan Balzer, and Jonathan Finkelstein, share wisdom. It helps to learn from experts with a wealth of experience in both synchronous and time-shifted online teaching and learning. 

Sample Discussion Board Rubric

A discussion rubric guides students in writing original posts and replies to other students. To simply agree or disagree with other students is not sufficient.


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