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EDUC 651 Project-based Learning in the Flipped Classroom

Our Students Say

"You have opened my eyes to a whole new way to run my classroom, a better way for the students to learn."

~ Denise Tufts, Greene, Maine

"I needn't limit myself to students watching videos at home and working in small groups in class. Instead, I can assist students in uncovering the concepts outside the classroom and use them in various classroom activities. The variety of possible activities is limitless."

~ Jennifer Belanger, Math Teacher, Douglas, Massachusetts

EDUC 760 E-Learning for Educators

"The instructor is an excellent example of an online educator, and I will take this experience and attempt to mirror it in my future teaching."

"Her style of using YouTube videos for visual instruction was very helpful."


Making Group Projects Work

The 5 Students You Meet in Group Projects

Elizabeth Hoyt’s article sorts out group work personality types while offering helpful suggestions on how to cope with the quirks of student performance.

Online Students Don't Have to Work Solo

Mark Liberman explains how well-designed online group work helps students learn the curriculum while they practice essential real-world productive collaboration skills.

How to Run Effective Group Projects in Online Education

Laura Lynch’s job-oriented article emphasizes the value of online group projects to simulate 'real-life work scenarios' that demand both synchronous and asynchronous collaboration skills.  

Give Every Student a Stake in Group Work

Are you looking for well a well-produced round-up of video series tips on group work? You found it. Scroll down the page for a set of thoughtful articles about this complex topic.

Four Ways to Structure a Winning Elearning Production Team

Kirsite Greany provides spot-on advice for Instructional Design teams tasked with creating elearning content. The emphasis is on defining and matching a team member's skills with the necessary roles needed to get the job done.

Three Ways to Improve Your Group Work Lesson Plan

Jeff Knutson describes the importance of restructuring student roles into interdependent shared ownership experiences to transform group work into true teamwork.

Teamwork and Group Project Rubrics

Jump to our Teamwork and Group Project Rubrics for timely tips.

Tech Tip

75 Digital Tools and Apps Teachers Can Use to Support Formative Assessment in the Classroom

Archive of Past Technology Tip Newsletters

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