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EDUC 763 Instructional Design for Online Courses

Our Students Say

"Instructional Design for Online Learning is a great model for anyone who is considering online or hybrid instruction. It is very well structured and facilitated, the content is engaging, and it encourages communication among students – all, I believe, key criteria for a quality online course."
~ Margie Konik, Health Information Technology, Stanley, Wisconsin

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EDUC 761 Facilitate Collaboration in Online Courses

Our Students Say

"Thank you for being current and future pioneers ensuring that learners like me can have meaningful interactions and know the difference between good and bad facilitation techniques."
~ Deborah Pace, Director of Employer Relations, Springfield, Massachusetts

USDLA Certified

Tools to Evaluate Educational Apps

Critical Evaluation of Content-Based iPad/iPod App

Kathy Schrock provides a PDF checklist to help us quickly and thoroughly evaluate apps. Although this was written for IOS, it applies to Android apps as well.  

Infographic: How to Evaluate Educational Apps to Use in Your Class

The “App Evaluation Guidelines” infographic will help you see at a glance if an app is right for you.

Framing questions for the following criteria help you think into your decision-making process: engagement, developmental appropriateness, instructional design, motivation, and accessibility.

Rubric for Educational App Evaluation

Tony Vincent’s one-page PDF provides seven criteria, with four levels of delineation as an Open Educational Resource under Creative Commons Copyright.

Explore the Best Educational Apps

Four Qualities of The Most Useful Apps for the Classroom

Alexis Arnold’s thoughtful article combines research and well-detailed app recommendations. It’s a quick read, but also has a hypertext depth that will get you thinking.

The author applies Dee Lanier’s “four C’s of app selection”: cost-effectiveness, cross-platform, cloud-based, and collaborative.

25 Important Apps and Digital Learning Tools for University Students

Scott N. Romaniuk’s list of apps will serve higher education students and teachers.

This list is an eclectic mix with some surprising finds. Categories include recording/collecting, management, security, and knowledge building.

Ten Free Apps for Elementary School Math Lessons

Richard Byrne reviews the Math Learning Center’s free apps. These apps run on iPad, Chrome, and web browser on any computer.  

Top 25 Sites and Apps of 2018, Featuring STEM Program and Coding Tools

David Kapule’s fresh list of apps mixes iOS/Android/Mobile/Google Play and Cloud-based apps.  You're sure to find something new here.

Best Apps for Kids

Ready for a deep dive into carefully curated apps? Common Sense Media provides 100’s of apps for preschoolers, little kids, big kids, tweens, and teens.

Best Apps for Teaching and Learning - 2018

The American Association of School Librarians compiles a list of apps that encourage inquiry-based learning, and the annotations describe the intended audience, key features, and a tip for classroom use. The website is slow to load, but worth the wait.

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