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The majority of the assignments for this course will be submitted by posting in the "discussion forums" or "dropboxes." It is strongly recommended that you draft (and save) all assignments in Microsoft Word (or other word processing program) and then copy and paste the information into discussion forum postings. That way you will have a copy saved on your computer should anything go wrong. Keep a copy of all of assignments you wish to include in your eportfolio.

Due dates for each module are published on the course calendar. Work turned in by 11:59 PM Central Standard Time on the due date, as evidenced by the date stamp given on the discussion board or dropbox, will be considered on time and will receive full credit. Prompt submission of assignments for assessment allows the instructor to provide guidance and timely feedback.

Assignments and discussion forum postings and replies submitted after the due date will receive a 10% grade deduction. In other words, assignments which would have been rated A or Exemplary will be graded as B, or instead of 100%, the grade will be 90%. Work submitted after two days past the original due date will not be accepted and will receive a zero.

Assignment grades will be posted  in the grade book within 5 days after the assignment due date. If a grade is not posted, then the assignment was missing in the appropriate dropbox folder.

Check the grade book and dropbox throughout the course to review assignment feedback. If you have questions or concerns about a grade, please contact the instructor  ASAP. Do not wait until final grades have been posted to discuss missing assignments or  missing grades in the gradebook.

Contact the instructor in advance if you are going to be late or miss an assignment. Timely communication is an e-learning best practice. Prior email notice to the instructor in sufficient time to allow for discussing an alternative schedule is required.

The instructor will review late requests and circumstances on a case by case basis and make decisions accordingly. If an emergency arises that prevents you from completing your work on time, please email the instructor as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made for you to keep up in the class. The late policy may be waived at the instructor's discretion in case of an emergency. Emergencies are defined as anything which is serious and unexpected. Emergencies cannot be written on the calendar in advance. Examples of emergencies are: heart attacks, car accidents, a serious health crisis of the student or in the student's immediate family. Examples of non-emergencies are: family weddings, vacations, conferences or any other event which can be planned around.

Excused Makeup Work - If a late submission has been requested in advance of the due date and the instructor grants an extension, no points will be deducted from the assignment grade.

Incompletes - (I's) will not be given except under extenuating circumstances that are discussed with your instructor prior to posting final grades.

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