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This orientation is organized into four stages of teaching an online class. To download a printable copy of the complete checklist, click here.

Before the course begins | The first week | Throughout the course | The last week

puzzle piece During the last week of the online course . . .

Managerial Expectations

Report Final Grades Promptly

checkbox  Respect the major investment your students have made in your course. In some cases, advancement on the pay scale or reimbursement of tuition depends on their successful completion of your class and an official grade report.

Encourage Students to Complete the End-of-course Survey

checkbox  Use students' honest feedback on the course to hone your teaching skills and course contents.
checkbox  Participate in the post-teaching review of student course evaluation survey results for ongoing quality enhancement.

Review Your Teaching Journal

checkbox  List technical aspects that worked well and those that need improvement.
checkbox  Analyze your personal observations and list what worked well and what needs modification next term.
checkbox  Identify areas of emerging technology to add for the next term, such as a wiki, blog, podcast, or YouTube video.

Social Expectations

Use the Announcements and Discussion Tools to End the Course on a Cordial Note

checkbox Post a news announcement with a closing personal message to students.
checkbox  Encourage students to share their class experiences and say good bye in a closing discussion forum.

Pedagogical / Instructional Design Expectations

Provide Feedback on Final Projects

checkbox  Employ a variety of feedback methods, such as audio files and videos, in addition to written responses.