Our Instructors' Favorite Twitter Feeds

Browsing a well-curated Twitter feed is like being plugged directly into a session of awesome professional development.

To make this list (which, by the way, appears in no particular order), we asked our online instructors to share their favorite Twitter feeds.

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eLearning and Online Teaching

Ray Schroeder — @onlinelearningu
Jason Rhode — @JasonRhode
Witt Salley — @wittsalley
The eLearningeXperts — @eLeXaus
Karen Franker — @K_Franker
Christopher Pappas — @cpappas
Dennis O'Connor — @wiredinstructor
M Rogers-Estable — @distance_edu

Instructional Design

Christy Tucker — @ChristyATucker
Melissa A. Venable‏ — @Melissa_Venable
SHIFTelearning — @SHIFTelearning
EdSurge HigherEd‏ — @HigherEdSurge

K-12 and Technology in Education

Joyce Valenza‏ — @joycevalenza
Kathy Schrock‏ — @kathyschrock
Bev Evans — @bevevans22
Lisibo — @lisibo
The Tech Edvocate — @techedvocate
Tom Whitby — @tomwhitby
Vicki Davis — @CoolCatTeacher
Dennis O'Connor — @21cif

Hashtags and Chats to follow

eLearning and Online Teaching




A large list of educational chats: https://sites.google.com/site/twittereducationchats/education-chat-official-list