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Rubric for Graphic Organizers - Inspiration Diagrams/Concept Maps

CATEGORY Exemplary Proficient Unsatisfactory
Arrangement of Concepts Main concept easily identified; subconcepts branch appropriately from main idea Main concept easily identified; most subconcepts branch from main idea. Main concept not clearly identified; subconcepts don’t consistently branch from main idea.
Links and Linking Lines Linking lines connect related terms/point in correct direction; linking words accurately describe relationship between concepts; hyperlinks effectively used Most linking lines connect properly; most linking words accurately describe the relationship between concepts; most hyperlinks effectively used. Linking lines not always pointing in correct direction; linking words don’t clarify relationships between concepts; hyperlinks don’t function or fail to enhance the topic.
Graphics Graphics used appropriately; greatly enhance the topic and aid in comprehension; are clear, crisp and well situated on the page. Graphics used appropriately most of the time; most graphics selected enhance the topic, are of good quality, and are situated in logical places on the page. Graphics used inappropriately and excessively; graphics poorly selected and don’t enhance the topic; some graphics are blurry and ill-placed.
Content Reflects essential information; is logically arranged; concepts succinctly presented; no misspellings or grammatical errors Reflects most of the essential information; is generally logically arranged; concepts presented without too many excess words; fewer than three misspellings or grammatical errors. Contains extraneous information; is not logically arranged; contains numerous spelling and grammatical errors.
Text Easy to read/ appropriately sized; no more than three different fonts; amount of text is appropriate for intended audience; boldface used for emphasis. Most text is easy to read; uses no more than four different fonts; amount of text generally fits intended audience. Font too small to read easily; more than four different fonts used; text amount is excessive for intended audience.
Design Clean design; high visual appeal; four or fewer symbol shapes; fits page without a lot of scrolling; color used effectively for emphasis. Design is fairly clean, with a few exceptions; diagram has visual appeal; four or fewer symbol shapes; fits page well; uses color effectively most of time. Cluttered design; low in visual appeal; requires a lot of scrolling to view entire diagram; choice of colors lacks visual appeal and impedes comprehension.

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Examples of Other Rubrics

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