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Using the Discussion Board is much easier if you take a little time at the beginning of class to explore its components and procedures. To access your course discussions, click on Discussions in the main navigation bar of Learn@UW-Stout.

Discussions link

You will now see the course Discussions List. Note that each Module contains several Topics, shown in turquoise text.

Before you click on any Topics, pay a visit to the Settings for Discussions. You'll access these through a link at the top right of the Learn@UW-Stout (D2L) page.

Discussion Settings link

There you will find several options. You will find Grid View to be the most helpful to your reading and posting on the Discussion Board.

Personal settings

Now, look to the next category of Settings, Grid View Settings, and select Threaded. Be sure to Save!

screen capture

The video below explains why you might find the Grid View useful. Keep in mind that you can switch back at any time.

We're now ready to click on the Topic (in bold turquoise text) to view existing Threads and Posts.

Discussions layout

Notice that the Discussion Board has given you some useful information here. In addition to the topic you will find two numbers and a Last Post notation.

Discussion stats

The first number, 13, tells you that there are 13 threads in this Topic. The second number, 83, tells you that people have posted to this thread 83 times. The number in parentheses -- (6) -- tells you how many posts you haven't read yet. Finally, you'll see that Peter Quill was the last person to post to this topic. If  you wish to read only the unread posts, click on the number in parentheses.

If you wish to read all the existing posts in this thread, click on the turquoise titles, like this one:

discussion thread

You'll now be able to read the posts of everyone who has replied at the time of your viewing.

post subject titles

Click on a Subject to view that post. If you wish to respond to the post, click on the Reply button in the upper left corner of the post.

Reply to Thread.

To start a new thread under a discussion topic, click on the Start a New Thread button.

Start a New Thread

A new window will open, inviting you to enter your Subject, the Post (which can be created in Word and then pasted into the Post window), and any Attachments you wish to add, such as a photo. Finally, don't forget to click on Post at the bottom left of the screen.

Post button

When you Reply to a post you'll find an option at the bottom left of the composition window to "Add original post text." PLEASE: do not select this option without a very good reason. If you wish to quote a line or two of the original post, do so in the body of your Reply. But when you "Add original post text," you make your reply MUCH longer and give your classmates and instructor much more text to deal with.

Add original post text

If you have not reviewed the guidelines on Discussion Board Etiquette, please do so now.

pointing handPlease note well:
You will also want to review the How to Set up Your Notifications page, since you can choose to be notified when your posts on the Discussion Board receive feedback.

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Updated:  Wednesday, July 19, 2017