Polzin named vice president at Ceres Communications

Polzin named vice president at Ceres Communications

Kimberly K. Polzin '78, home economics in business, has been named vice president of Ceres Communications, a diversified marketing communications agency specializing in the agricultural, environmental and chemical industries created in early 1994 by Mona Meyer McGrath and Gavin (MMMG). Both companies are units of London-based Shandwick, the world's second-largest public relations consultancy. Polzin was an account supervisor with MMMG.

Polzin, who specializes in environmental, food production and food processing accounts, including Ciba Crop Protection and the Klenzade division of Ecolab Inc., sees this promotion as an exciting opportunity to expand her work with worldwide clients.

"This is an opportunity to build Ceres by serving existing clients exceptionally well and seeking new clients in our specialty areas," said Polzin. "I've already had an opportunity to work in our London office on client projects affecting Europe."

Polzin has been in public relations for more than 15 years, including positions as communications director for National Farmers Union and Minnesota Farmers Union. She started her career as a reporter and editor for the Chippewa Falls, Wis., Herald-Telegram.

"Although I have pursued a career outside my major, the education I got at UW-Stout has been invaluable," said Polzin. "It was at Stout that I tried my hand at news and feature writing and editing - skills that are very important in public relations. And, it's amazing how the seemingly unrelated classes such as food science have been put to use for clients involved in the food and beverage pro-cessing industries."

Polzin advises students and recent graduates planning a similar career to take advantage of all career-related learning opportunities.

"Finding innovative ways to get early experience in your chosen career is very important," said Polzin. "I'm impressed when job candidates can explain how their experience can work for my agency. And I always look for someone who understands general business principles as well as the "how to" part of the job."

Polzin has been fortunate enough to have a professional career that incorporates her personal interests of traveling, learning new things and meeting new people.

"Luckily, my job involves all three," said Polzin. "In the last couple of years, I've expanded my horizons by taking downhill ski lessons, learning about football and other active pursuits."

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