Milwaukee Area Retired Stout Alumni Hold Luncheon

Milwaukee Area Retired Stout Alumni Hold Luncheon

The Milwaukee Area retired Stout alumni held their second annual luncheon Sept. 20 at Alioto's Restaurant. It was a fun-filled afternoon with 78 in attendance, and many renewed old friendships. An array of pictures taken at Stout from the '40s and '50s were on display.

The master of ceremonies was Walt Dusold '48, and Helen Tews '50 conducted the program after lunch. Ann Reuther '61, a Stout University Foundation board member, explained the many changes that have taken place at Stout. Attendees introduced themselves and told when they graduated. Francis Stephens '51 showed the video from Stout that's used as a recruitment tool aimed at students. Many also enjoyed viewing the scenes of the campus.

Door prizes, contributed by the Stout Alumni Association, were distributed by Ardelle Stephens '50 and Marilyn Dusold. Rowena Jorgensen '52 received a deck of playing cards for "the most recent retiree"; Joe Serflek '47 received a windsock with the Tower Emblem for a "birthday closest to the day"; and "Happy Birthday" was sung by the entire group. Phyllis Jelich '50 received note cards for "most recent degree from Stout" (master's degree); Mike Huley '52, a Stout tote bag for "person who travelled the farthest" (Florida); Paul Axelson '50, note cards for "anniversary closest to the day"; Gus Janssen '49, note cards for a "50th anniversary"; Ken Pederson '39, note cards for "earliest Stout grad"; Carolyn Mowbray '51, windsock for "being the first arrival." Jerry Solie received a windsock for "wearing the Stout colors."

Connie Olson '52 received a windsock for "having a child most recently graduated from Stout"; Ken Pederson, a windsock for "working the most years with the same employer"; Carolyn Dennis, a windsock for "having a great-grandchild most recently"; and Bob Berg '52, a dinner bell for "volunteering the most hours of work per week." The dinner bell was donated by Ardell '50 and Francis Stephens. Centerpieces were also given as door prizes to the people sitting at a "lucky spot" at each table.

A new addition this year was the distribution of a "newsletter for retired Stout alumni" that attended the luncheon. Elaine Papez compiled the newsletter on her computer, and plans are being made to include a directory for next year. The committee that organized the luncheon and program was Marilyn and Walt Dusold, Elaine and Jim Papez '51, Muriel and Henry Roesler '51, Ardell and Francis Stephens; and Helen and Russ Tews '50.

The next luncheon will be held the third Wednesday in September (Sept. 18, 1996) at Alioto's on Hwy 100 and Burleigh. Any Milwaukee area retired alumni not on the mailing list and interested in attending the 1996 luncheon, please contact Helen Tews, 8815 Westlake Drive, Greendale, WI 53129 or call 414/425-3814.

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