Micheels endow student artist in residence program

Micheels endow student artist in residence program

In 1988 William J. "Bud" and Betty Micheels funded a unique student artist in residence program. Each spring, the art department invited students to apply for the award which provides students with a stipend for art materials and studio space, as well as guidance from a faculty mentor as they meld their ideas about art and technology into tangible artworks. "It should stimulate student involvement in addressing the relationship of art and technology," Micheels explained.

This past October, the Micheels guaranteed the program would be ongoing by endowing the program with a gift of $66,500. Bud remarked, "Art was always important to Stout's curriculum but it wasn't until 1964 that a separate art department was established." The Micheels award provides for a greater awareness of the UW-Stout art program and, at the same time, provides the campus with a permanent collection housed in the Library Learning Center.

Following a year as an "Artist in Residence," the students show their artwork in the Library Learning Center. At that time, a selection committee chooses one piece of art from each student which is donated to the university for permanent display in the library. Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen stated, "Art and technology should be closely aligned. The gift from Bud and Betty Micheels is a tribute to their love of the university and their love of art and design. It's fitting that Micheels, who established the art program at UW-Stout, continues to provide funds and a great honor to students who are selected for the Artist in Residence program each year."

William J. Micheels served as president of Stout State University from 1961 through 1971 and one year as chancellor. Currently, Bud serves on the Stout University Foundation Board of Directors.

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