Foundation Annual Report: A 'class' project

Foundation Annual Report: A "class" project

This year's Foundation Annual Report, mailed in November, was completely redesigned thanks to students enrolled in UW-Stout's graphic arts production technique class.

The class is an elective in the graphic arts management program. It offers students work experiences similar to those they will encounter in the graphic arts industry.

Students worked closely with Foundation staff and were responsible for most facets of the production: pre-press, printing, proofing and binding the report. Bill Best was the production coordinator. Professor James Tenorio and lab manager Jerry Addie guided the students through the seven-week project. They printed 36,000 copies of the report.

"Courses in our Graphic Communications Management program, like the one that produced the Stout Foundation's Annual Report, benefit all parties involved," said Tenorio. "The Foundation, and other university departments, can have a very cost-effective way to obtain quality custom-printed materials. Our students get valuable hands-on experience producing real products for their clients and learn firsthand the concepts of planning, quality, service, cost control, problem solving, meeting deadlines and satisfying the customer.

"If something is not done correctly, it cannot be dismissed as only being a demonstration or a practice exercise. The student and the instructor can't just say, `If this were done out in the real world, we would fix it by doing such and such.' The students must follow through and take the time to correct the problem. Sometimes it means staying late into the night (one press run this semester went until 5 a.m. on a Saturday) to meet a deadline. When the job is finished and done right, the students will really remember the lesson."

Outlook Winter '96