Fischer named Illinois special education teacher of the year

Fischer named Illinois special education teacher of the year

The Illinois Council for Exceptional Children (ICEC), the state affiliate of CEC (Council for Exceptional Children), the international organization of teachers, administrators and parents working for and with children who have special educational needs, has honored Murray K. Fisher, a 1974 graduate of industrial technology, with its "Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year" award.

Fisher, of Morton Grove, Ill., currently teaches students who are severely and profoundly cognitively delayed, in a Chicago Public Elementary School. During his 20 years in education, Fisher has worked in the areas of vocational training, physical education, language development, staff development and educational materials design. He has served as inclusion facilitator, university instructor, educational consultant, educational facilities consultant, guest lecturer and school principal.

This varied background brings to his students educational experiences that are directly applicable to the world outside the classroom. Reading and math are taken from the newspaper and the accompanying ads. Science involves the students in their environment in and out of the school building, while social studies and history are experienced through TV news reports, videos, role playing and discussions.

His students are bursting with desire to express what they are thinking, what they have seen and what they have done.

Fisher has the energy and ability to turn walking past a sunny window ledge into a lesson on heat absorption as well as shadows.

In addition to his teaching and direct services, he is also a never-tiring advocate for the education of children with special needs. He makes every effort to attend every meeting, conference, convention or speakers' forum to support, explain, defend or challenge ideas and efforts related to special education programs and children.

The "Clarissa Hug Teacher of the Year" award was presented at the Illinois Council for Exceptional Children's annual convention in November. The convention includes three days of lectures, presentations, and seminars attended by special educators and parents of children with special needs from throughout Illinois.

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