Credit cards support alumni programs

Credit cards support alumni programs

Suzette F. Hittner, Alumni Director

In August, the UW-Stout Alumni Association launched an exciting new credit card program available to UW-Stout alumni, students, faculty and staff. Thank you to everyone who has taken the opportunity to participate in this program. Every time a UW-Stout card is used, a portion of the purchase goes to support the UW-Stout Alumni Association Graduate Scholarships and Robert S. Swanson Fellowship. In October, the first royalty check was presented to the Alumni Association Board of Directors and added to the endowed account that supports these programs.

Some of you may say that you already have the UW-Stout Alumni credit card offered through MBNA. The Alumni Association is no longer affiliated with that organization and is not receiving any benefits from your use of their card.

I think you'll find this new card, which is offered through WESTconsin Credit Union (WCU), a great bargain. It's less expensive than most credit cards. WCU's interest rates and fees are reasonable, and they have a great reputation for fine service.

WCU offers you the option of consolidating your current cards into the UW-Stout Alumni Credit Card. You also have an Air Travel Mile Program with the option of airline tickets or $300 cash back with the UW-Stout Alumni Association Gold MasterCard. For more details, contact WESTconsin Credit Union at 715/235-3405.

Again, on behalf of the UW-Stout Alumni Association, thank you for your support in this very important new UW-Stout Alumni Association endeavor.

Outlook Winter '96