Cabot donates artwork

Cabot donates artwork

When Scott Cabot was a student at UW-Stout, he had no interest in the visual arts. And, he probably couldn't have imagined that one day he would develop not only an interest in art but, together with his wife Janet, he would become an enthusiastic collector of original fine art prints. But he has. And, for those who know Scott and his history of involvement and support of UW-Stout, it will come as no surprise that he and Janet would want to take that interest and apply it to a need at UW-Stout.

Last year, the Cabots initiated the UW-Stout Scott and Janet Cabot Print Collection with a contribution of a James Swan print, the first of an ongoing, annual contribution to the Furlong Gallery permanent collection. That first print, an etching by Swan titled "Willow," has been followed this year by an etching by Joseph Pennell. Pennell, like Swan, was a noteworthy American artist with a significant reputation in American art history. Work by both artists is included in major national collections such as the Smithsonian, the National Gallery and numerous university gallery collections.

The Pennell print is an etching executed in 1904 as part of a New York series. Pennell is also known for a series of prints he did of the construction of the Panama Canal, and for an ongoing interest in industrial subjects such as docks, cranes and buildings. James McNeil Whistler was a mentor of Pennell's when Pennell lived and worked in Europe for 20 years. Pennell is credited with helping establish printmaking as an important fine art medium in America.

Cabot is enthusiastically looking for the next print to add to the Cabot Collection, and he wants it to be a special selection to help celebrate the planned move of the Furlong Gallery into its new facility.

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