Academic division to reorganize

Academic division to reorganize

Plan aims to reduce administrative costs

UW-Stout's academic division will be reorganized, from four schools to three colleges, under a plan being submitted to the University of Wisconsin System Board of Regents. Under the plan, the university's four schools--industry and technology, liberal studies, education and human services, and human environmental sciences (formerly home economics)--would be reorganized into three new colleges: arts and sciences; technology, engineering and management; and human development.

Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen said there was "broad discussion" across campus in developing the plan. "Following Regents' action, I am asking for the cooperation of everyone on campus so that this can be accomplished by July 1, 1996," Sorensen said.

Provost George DePuy, who led discussion on the restructuring effort, pointed out that the change does not involve eliminating any degree programs at UW-Stout. "It does eliminate the cost of mid-level administration and reconfigures the responsibilities of the remaining mid-level administration," he said. "The objective is to preserve the quality of instruction by cutting administrative costs."

DePuy noted that the change comes in part through budget cuts imposed by the State Legislature. "In responding to the Legislature's budget cuts, the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin mandated that significant cuts in administrative costs be made at the dean's level and below," he said. "Our efforts to reduce the number of schools in order to cut administrative costs is consistent with actions being taken at several other UW institutions."

DePuy said that faculty, staff and students all had an opportunity to offer suggestions for the plan. "Every member of the university community has had the opportunity to contribute their ideas," he said. Those opportunities included public forums and a Provost's Advisory Committee on Academic Restructuring, which included representatives from the university's various segments.

Sorensen said that three additional issues need to be addressed in the near future:

  • Duplication
    "I am asking the provost to appoint an appropriate team to identify and study course duplication and eliminate all unnecessary duplication within and between our academic programs and departments," the chancellor said.
  • Deans
    "The provost will address the issue of appointing deans to the new colleges," Sorensen said. "He will address the level of support for each college."
  • Sorensen also said that other refinements to the academic structuring can be considered after the new colleges are in place and functioning.

College of Arts and Sciences

Art and Design
Mathematics, Statistics and Computer Science
Social Science
Speech Communications, Foreign Languages, Theatre and Music

Degree Programs
BS in Applied Mathematics
BS in Art Education
BFA in Art

Computer Science
Technical Writing
Women's Studies

International Studies
Professional Writing

College of Human Development

Education, School Counseling and School Psychology
Food and Nutrition
Hospitality and Tourism
Human Development, Family Living, and Community Educational Services
Rehabilitation and Counseling
Stout Vocational Rehabilitation Institute

Degree Programs
BS in Dietetics
BS in Early Childhood Education
BS in Family and Consumer Educational Services
BS in Food Systems and Technology
BS in Hospitality and Tourism Management
BS in Human Development and Family Studies
BA in Psychology
BS in Vocational Rehabilitation

MS in Applied Psychology
MS in Education
MS in Food Science and Nutrition
MS in Guidance and Counseling
MS in Home Economics
MS in Hospitality and Tourism
MS in Marriage and Family Therapy
MS in School Psychology
MS in Vocational Rehabilitation
EdS in Guidance and Counseling

Aging Family
Food Technology
Property Management
Vocational Rehabilitation

Public Relations/Public Information

College of Technology, Engineering and Management

Apparel, Textiles and Design
Communication, Education and Training
Industrial Management

Degree Programs
BS in Apparel Design/Manufacturing
BS in Construction
BS in General Business Administration
BS in Industrial Technology
BS in Graphic Communications Management
BS in Manufacturing Engineering
BS in Packaging
BS in Marketing Education
BS in Retail Merchandising/Management
BS in Technology Education
BS in Telecommunication Systems
BS in Vocational, Technical and Adult Education

MS in Home Economics - Clothing, Textiles and Retail Marketing Concentration
MS in Industrial/Technology Education
MS in Management Technology
MS in Risk Control
MS in Training and Development
MS in Vocational Education
EdS in Industrial and Vocational Education

Business Administration
Traffic Safety Education

Training and Human Resource Development

Dean of Student's Office

Physical Education and Athletics


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