Interior Design

Interior Design

"Our graduates are highly attractive to companies throughout Minnesota and Wisconsin," Maureen Mitton, art and design assistant professor, said of UW-Stout's art and design students who have an interior design concentration. "We have great placement," Mitton said.

"Stout's art department is a dynamic department," Mitton said. In fact, that's why she left San Diego to teach at UW-Stout. "I was so impressed with the art department here," Mitton said. "It's the only reason I would leave that climate."

Mitton, who is in her fourth year of teaching at UW-Stout, taught at San Diego State University before coming here. She also spent several years designing restaurants in California, everything from the kitchens to the dining rooms which gives broader definition to Mitton's experience.

Mitton recently finished a project that will appear in Better Homes and Gardens magazine in which she designed a million dollar home from top to bottom. She also recently presented a paper at an international conference in Denver for the International Design Educators Council. Mitton said that technology is dramatically transforming the workplace and that design is now more functional and aesthetic as well as flexible.

Mitton noted the mobile workstations that are a new approach in office design. In fact, a 1995 UW-Stout graduate, Sarah Nigon, was a member of a design team that recently won the "best large office" award. Nigon is currently employed at M.S.R. Architects.

Nigon was a member of The Wheeler Group, an architecture and design firm who designed an office for a Minneapolis-based company. Mitton noted that the award-winning office was featured in the January issue of Interior Design magazine.

Nigon worked with other designers to reconfigure existing offices into a flexible and experimental "free-address" environment which aims to maximize creative output. Mitton said that's a good example of the kind of work many design students will do. "There are more than 100 interior design students at Stout," Mitton said, "and many of them will go into commercial design."

"Stout's art department is well-known in the Midwest," Mitton said, "and this is a very good time for us. There is a lot of variety of talent in the department. It's exciting to be a part of the faculty here."

Mitton added that the new building, Micheels Hall, is the link building that gives the art and design department a higher profile on campus, "to let students know that the arts should be a part of liberal arts education."

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