A Growing Reputation

A Growing Reputation

Since its inception, Stout's department of art and design has grown every year, and it is currently one of the largest undergraduate art programs in the UW System, larger than UW-Madison's, with more than 650 students and 30 faculty.

"Stout's art and design program is one of the largest in the Midwest," Paul DeLong, director of Stout's Bachelor of Fine Arts program, noted, "and it is nationally accredited, which takes some doing." In fact, DeLong said that Stout was singled out with other schools, such as the San Francisco Art Institute, the Art Institute of Boston and Yale University, in the spring 1996 issue of Upper and Lower Case, the international journal of graphic design and digital media. Stout was listed as one of the top U.S. schools that have impressed potential employers. "It was an honor to be included in that kind of company," DeLong said.

Ron Verdon, chair of the department of art and design, agrees. "We have witnessed many changes that have brought the department to be one of the largest and most dynamic art and design departments in the region," Verdon said. "The addition of design programs, enhanced facilities, and the diverse range of practicing artists and designers are living the "dream" that was hoped for when an art department was added at Stout."

Chancellor Charles W. Sorensen said that the art and design department makes an extremely important contribution to Stout's image and strengthens the university's special mission.

"We have in the department some of the finest faculty of any art program in the country," Sorensen said. "The presence of this quality program enhances the image of all our academic programs."

Outlook Spring '96