The Stout University Foundation Board of Directors, at their recent board meeting, awarded $31,600 to underwrite six grants for 1996-97. Three grants are underwritten by the Hedberg Foundation. Anne Reuther, chair of the Grants Committee, indicated each of the proposals relates to the mission and goals of the university:

Hedberg Foundation Grant:
Pilot Project to Develop Distance Learning Resources Services
Library Learning Center - Theresa Muraski, Principal $12,847.00
The Library Learning Center project will develop a pilot program to support the information needs of individuals who are teaching and learning via distance education methods. The library will use the World Wide Web as the primary means of offering access to electronic information resources and course materials to those students studying at distant locations.

Hedberg Foundation Grant:
University Standards Font Acquisition for Special Projects
William DeHoff, Proposer $1,453.00
The art department will purchase the official university fonts and license 25 computers in the graphic design computer laboratory, making the fonts permanently available to students to use for official university publications. The students in the graphic design courses are involved in many design assignments related to university publications and projects. DeHoff, a member of the art and design faculty, noted "In order to practice typography in a truly professional sense, students should have an opportunity to work with the full range of ligatures, small caps, swash characters, old style numerals and ornaments. This grant allows the department to purchase both the Complete Weiss and Minion type families."

The Pueblo Potter Today:
A Native American Artist's Approach to the Craft
John Perri, Proposer $5,211.00
John Perri, art and design department, has invited an Indigenous American potter, Kathy Sanchez, from the historic Ildefonso Pueblo, New Mexico, to UW-Stout for the purpose of demonstrating how her family makes the world-famous blackware pottery and to share her experiences and views of the American Indian woman. She will present a multifaceted workshop which will include stories of her culture and her art craft. Her ancestors created multistoried structures, built a network of roads, and used reservoirs and irrigation systems 200 years before the landing of Columbus. Sanchez is scheduled to visit the campus in the fall.

Do More With Less ... Stress
Mary Kay Sankey and Bill Siedlecki, Principals $4,151
Recent employee studies indicate workers' elevated stress levels and limited stress management skills are negatively affecting the workplace. A team of UW-Stout personnel will assess the stress levels of UW-Stout employees and provide educational programs to assist employees to improve their stress management skills. A yearlong series of skill building programs will be scheduled for staff and students. The committee will also publish an inventory of stress management resources which will be available to the staff, students and the community.

Hedberg Foundation Grant:
Problem-Based Learning Curriculum Within the Dietetics Program
Barbara Bayard, Proposer $6,248.00
The grant proposer, Barbara Bayard, explains: "The future of dietetic practice compels educators not only to impart knowledge and skills to students but also to allow an educational protocol to encourage the integration of knowledge and skills which foster critical thinking." Bayard will design a problem-based curriculum incorporating critical thinking skills and clinical reasoning patterns in the undergraduate program. The grant will also address the needs of trained dietitians who work side by side with physicians, nurses and other allied health professionals. No other university presently has a dietetic program which uses a comprehensive, structured problem-based learning format. The project will be completed by June 1997.

Original Scenery of the Mabel Tainter Memorial Theater -
Identifying, Cataloging and Digitizing
Paul Stauffacher, Principal $1,690
The Mabel Tainter was dedicated in 1890 as a fully equipped, state-of-the-art theater. Although the Mabel Tainter has been restored, its remaining original scenery has not. Stauffacher will photograph and document the original scenery, digitize it and electronically "restore" the scenery. Subsequent images would be available for public viewing via hard copy at the Mabel Tainter or online by logging into the World Wide Web site.

The Grants Committee and the Foundation Board congratulate those who were awarded grants this year and thank all of the faculty and staff members who submitted proposals. A special thanks to the Hedberg Foundation, and to the UW-Stout Research Promotions staff, Ted Knous and Susan Foxwell, who helped the faculty and staff with their respective written proposals and budgets.

Outlook Spring '96