Art Education

Art Education

Original art lines the wall of the office of UW-Stout associate art professor Sheri Klein--works by "great masters," including the children of Menomonie.

The Saturday children's art program run by UW-Stout's art and design department is a program they are proud of. "It has a dual purpose," Klein said, "to enrich the children and to give practical teaching experience to Stout's art education students. It has worked out very well."

Klein noted also that UW-Stout has the only National Art Education Association student chapter in the state, which was recently recognized by the Stout Student Association. UW-Stout's NAEA chapter is active both on campus and in the community with service, volunteer work and fund raising projects.

UW-Stout's art education program is one of the largest undergraduate art education programs in the UW System, with about 90 students.

"School districts from all over the state come to recruit art teachers from our department," Klein pointed out. Most recently the La Crosse school district hired several UW-Stout graduates.

Klein said that 85 to 90 percent of UW-Stout art education graduates are placed in K-12 teaching positions. Others may go into other art-related fields or pursue graduate study. "The feedback I've gotten from schools is that they are impressed that our graduates come to the classroom so well prepared."

Klein, who received her Master of Fine Arts degree from the Art Institute of Chicago and is receiving her doctorate in art education this spring from the University of Indiana, has been at UW-Stout three years and is impressed with the art education program.

"I think our program is unique," she said. Klein said that as sophomores, students begin putting together "teaching portfolios" which include art work, lesson plans and resumes. "It helps their professional development as well as helps them find jobs," Klein said.

"In their development here at Stout, we try hard to educate them for leadership and responsibility. We want students who are thinking ahead to what may be needed in the art education field in the future," she said."These are the art teachers of the next century. We are building for the future."

"At Stout, art education students learn to be artists and teachers," Klein said. "They come out of our program well prepared to create art, discuss art and write about art, as well as teach art and advocate art.

"As they prepare to teach art to young people, it is important that their experiences are broad and that they recognize the responsibility of reaching out to a larger community."

Outlook Spring '96