'Challenge for Excellence' Applied Mathematics campaign is under way

"Challenge for Excellence" Applied Mathematics campaign is under way

The applied mathematics steering committee met recently at the Louis Smith Tainter House on the UW-Stout campus to review plans to officially launch the campaign. As Eino Maki, applied mathematics faculty member, explained, "We have the opportunity to be an integral part of an effort to make UW-Stout the `school of choice' in applied mathematics. Our track record has been great and our graduates excel in their respective positions. It is alumni, faculty, staff and students who have worked together to build the applied mathematics program's national reputation. Now we must work together to meet the challenges in applied mathematics for 1996 and the future."

The first applied mathematics courses were offered in 1967. At that time, only three computer courses were required. Today, each student completes a balanced course load in computer science, mathematics and statistics. The computer application areas have been enhanced each year the program has been in existence. Currently, 280 students are enrolled in the program and the use of computer laboratories is extensive.

The steering committee has helped to identify department needs and has been personally involved in the alumni and friends solicitations. The campaign appeal has been mailed to all applied mathematics graduates, and a special phone solicitation is under way with the steering committee who will call graduates for their contributions.

The campaign addresses three areas of need: a $50,000 endowed scholarship fund to be used for applied mathematics majors; $100,000 for a laboratory fund to create a RISC-based UNIX computing laboratory; and a $30,000 endowed professional faculty fund which will provide funds for participation in seminars and colloquiums as they pursue the new technology as it relates to applied mathematics.

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