Sabbaticals Granted to Staff Members

Sabbaticals granted to staff members

Ten UW-Stout faculty members will receive sabbaticals during the 1995-96 school year through recent action by the UW System Board of Regents.

First semester sabbaticals have been awarded to Susan Hunt, art and design; Loretta Thielman, mathematics; and Richard Tyson, social science.

Second semester sabbaticals have been awarded to Tom Baldwin, technology; Todd Boppel, art and design; James Herr, communications, education and training; Stephen Snyder, social science; and Janice Timmer, food and nutrition.

Full-year sabbaticals for 1995-96 were granted to Don Baughman, psychology; and Sue Stephenson, counseling and psychological services.

Sabbaticals are granted by the board to recognize teaching efforts and excellence. Purpose of the program is to enhance teaching, course and curriculum development, research or other scholarly activities related to instructional programs.

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