Reunion Was Magic

Reunion was magic

After a year of planning and preparing for the two days of activities for the almost 200 returning graduates, spouses and friends, another reunion weekend has come and gone. What a great turnout we had. We missed those of you who couldn't make it.

It didn't take long for returning alumni to see the changes: changes in friends and changes on campus. Soon after the hugs and catching up on news, alumni, spouses and friends toured the campus.

Conversations with alumni reminded me of how much the campus, programs and Menomonie have changed. The building one alum remembered as the Student Center may have had totally different meaning for another. Older alumni remembered taking courses from faculty whose names now identify the residence halls that housed the younger alumni.

After the campus tours, groups were updated by the deans on the new happenings within the various programs. For those fortunate enough to get a ticket to the limited seating gourmet dinner, the evening ended with a taste of the work in the Quality Food Production course taught by Philip McGuirk.

For some alumni, campus housing was included in reliving their student days. Saturday programs offered individuals an opportunity to experience current programs on campus and to meet current faculty, staff and students, who enjoyed the opportunity to meet graduates and hear about their experiences while at Stout and the life it prepared them for.

Overall, the weekend was a hit with those who attended. While talk centered around Stout's changes, the memories remained the same. A special thank you to everyone who participated in Reunion '95.

Outlook Fall '95