Management Team Comprised of Stout Alumni

Management team comprised of Stout alumni


Landmark Builder's Group, Inc. boasts six Stout grads in its eight-member upper management team

Rice Lake, Wis.
Speaking as a Stout graduate himself, William Tradewell '78 (Industrial Education), President and CEO of Landmark Builder's Group Inc., says that the selection of his management team was a "carefully calculated step." When asked why the Landmark Builder's management group is so heavily laden with Stout graduates, Tradewell remarked: "The answer is simple...My partner Dann Kann '70 (Vocational Education) and I knew from our own experience that a Stout education completely prepares one for entrance into the job market. Stout grads gain the knowledge and skills required to perform competently, with a high degree of professionalism. A Stout education is thorough and comprehensive. We were confident that our Stout employees would perform at the level necessary to raise our company to its fullest potential. And we were right. We've grown immensely in the past four years and plan to maintain that growth rate - with bright prospects for the future."

And the growth has been obvious. Landmark Builder's Group Inc. began four years ago with only two Stout grads in its complement. Tradewell and Kann targeted their business in the residential construction market. Projects ranged from home remodeling and additions to home design and construction. At this time, the company grossed $250,000 in annual sales. The real growth began in 1992 when the company became a Wisconsin corporation. Operations then shifted to a commercial base.

Today Landmark Builder's operates as a full-service construction company. Departments include Architectural, with specialties in areas such as design/build and ADA services; Construction Management, operated by Dave Manske '72 (Industrial Technology - Construction) and Dave Nyseth '93 (Construction); Project Estimating, managed by Steve Zemaitis '75 (Industrial Technology); General Contracting, managed by Manske; Personnel and Equipment, managed by Kann; and Marketing, managed by Mary Johnson Tradewell '77 (Home Economics in Business).

These departments successfully work together to provide single point responsibility for the client. Target markets include the hospitality industry with emphasis on motel development; the health care industry-hospitals, nursing homes and clinics; offices; golf course development; schools; churches; and retail buildings. Projected gross sales for 1995 is $8.2 million. Tradewell and Kann feel that this success rate is due to their management team-a team whose reputation for accuracy and professionalism is founded on a solid Stout education.

When asked about future prospects for Landmark Builders, Tradewell and Kann said that they foresee the company moving into the institutional and industrial markets. Also they plan to become involved in larger commercial projects, maximizing the potential of the Architectural department. The company recently got a start in broadening its scope by becoming a Star Building Systems dealer. This move, compatible with their business plan, enabled them to furnish their market with architecturally designed steel buildings.Tradewell and Kann agreed that they have been more than pleased with their decision to hire Stout graduates in all company departments. As their company expands, they plan to continue this trend - adding additional professionalism and competency for their customers' satisfaction.

Outlook Fall '95