Fellowship, Scholarship Help Grads Advance

Fellowship, scholarship help grads advance

The UW-Stout Alumni Association awarded one $1,500 fellowship and two $750 graduate scholarships at its March board of directors meeting. The graduate scholars are continuing their education at UW-Stout.

Cathie A. Weissman Ed.S. '92, the 1995 Robert S. Swanson Fellowship awardee, is currently working on her Ph.D. in teaching and learning at the University of North Dakota, Grand Forks, N.D. This fellowship will be used to support her doctoral dissertation research.

Her research involves two issues relative to UW-Stout and its graduates: time and number of credits needed to complete a bachelor's degree.

"This information will benefit Stout in terms of institutional planning and improving the undergraduate educational experience," according to Weissman.

"The Robert S. Swanson Fellowship is a prestigious award and it is an honor to receive," Weissman said. "Receiving this award will demonstrate an interest in the research I am conducting and aid in the advancement of my career goal of working at a university either in teaching or institutional research."

Weissman received an education specialist degree in guidance and counseling in 1992. In addition, she has volunteered in numerous musical groups and student organizations.

Graduate scholarships were awarded to Lucy McNamara and Robert P. Ocker.

Since entering the guidance and counseling program in the summer of 1994, McNamara has carried a full load of graduate credits and is a graduate assistant in Research Promotion Services.

McNamara feels her most significant contribution to the community has been her involvement as an ANAD group facilitator. ANAD is a national eating disorder group which provides support for people struggling with eating disorders as well as providing support to their family and friends who seek to understand the implications of eating disorders.

Upon graduation, McNamara plans to secure a position in a clinic that specializes in eating disorders.

"My own recovery from an eating disorder convinced me that there are an insufficient number of eating disorder programs to handle an ever-increasing need to provide help to individuals struggling with eating disorders," said McNamara. "This position will allow me to help individuals who struggle with eating disorders using the knowledge I will obtain at UW-Stout and my own personal experience to complement and facilitate growth, change and self-acceptance in others."

McNamara and a fellow student have started an eating disorder group on the UW-Stout campus, Body and Soul, sponsored by the University Counseling Center.

McNamara graduated in 1985 with a bachelor's degree in business finance from UW-Eau Claire.

Ocker has been a volunteer with a variety of groups such as churches, schools, camps, hospitals, daycares, preschools and charity organizations, empowering others through programs of Education through Entertainment, with Knuffle Schmoozer and The Rocker,

"While volunteering for community affairs, I have been able to help foster a positive climate by empowering people in an entertaining and educational manner utilizing creative puppetry, storytelling, song and dance," according to Ocker. "I have volunteered on many occasions to help children and community groups of diverse and cultural backgrounds."

According to Ocker, his career goals and objectives are a process of lifelong education experienced by all human beings as they develop and accept responsibility for their lives.

"My goals are to foster a positive climate empowering all students to become lifelong learners," said Ocker. "In doing so, I plan to involve programs that will help schools and communities get back to the fundamental core values of honesty, respect and personal integrity."

Currently, Ocker works as an assistant in the International Programs' Student Services. He received a B.S. in organizational communica-tion from UW-Eau Claire in 1991.

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