Consolidated Papers Foundation

Consolidated Papers Foundation
supports graphic arts management

The UW-Stout graphic arts management program (a concentration in the Industrial Technology major) has been awarded a $5,000 grant from the Consolidated Papers Foundation Inc. (CPFI). The contribution is intended to fund the purchase of paper for use in graphics printing labs to assist in teaching students printing techniques and quality control measures in the printing process.

The program is the largest of its kind in the Midwest, currently enrolling more than 300 students. Graduates of the program assume managerial jobs in printing plants or establish careers as print estimators, buyers, service representatives and a host of other affiliated activities.

The grant is the first from CPFI. "We have selected this funding opportunity to demonstrate our support to the printing industry and its importance to paper manufacturing," George W. Mead, CPFI president, said in announcing the gift. "Good printers make good customers to the papermaking business."

Organized in l951, the Consolidated Papers Foundation Inc. is funded through an annual contribution from Consolidated Papers Inc., and earnings from endowments worth more than $36 million from George W. Mead I family members. The foundation distributes between one and two million dollars to organizataions each year.

According to Jim Herr, coordinator of the graphic arts management concentration, "This generous gift is important as it provides funds to purchase an adequate paper supply for the year for the needs and experiences of the students. We are most appreciative of the Consolidated Papers Foundation gift to this program."

Outlook Fall '95