Word Of Stout

Word of Stout

You can affect how other individuals view the university just by what you say. Your words are powerful, and when spoken to potential students, your words can motivate individuals to call UW-Stout “home” for a few years.

This word-of-mouth marketing helps UW-Stout recruit students and others interested in the academic programs on campus. There are many ways you can share your UW-Stout stories:
  • Display your UW-Stout diploma
    Tell potential students about your academic program
  • Share photos and stories of your college days
    Be quoted saying you’re a UW-Stout graduate
  • Make Outlook a coffee table conversation starter
    Subscribe to UW-Stout’s e-mail newsletter, which will be launched in 2007, and forward relevant information to family and friends.
UW-Stout becomes stronger every time you talk about your university experiences. So, go ahead, spread the UW-Stout word.

Outlook Winter 2006 v3