Outlook's New Attitude

Outlook's New Attitude

The summer 2006 issue of Outlook sported a new look, a new feel. Many of you noticed and sent kudos.

Because of the strong reputation of the university’s art and design department, some of you even wondered whether alumni spearheaded the makeover. The answer is yes.

Jules Miller ’79, Melissa Paul Bloom ’92, and Liina Lundin Koukkari ’00 (left to right) of Larsen—a branding, design and interactive media agency—were team members who updated the Outlook personality. President and founder Tim Larsen also serves on the art and design professional advisory board for UW-Stout.

Based in Minneapolis, with offices in San Francisco, the agency has produced work for more than 140 clients worldwide. And now, UW-Stout joins this list.

Lisa Schickert ’05 is the UW-Stout in-house designer who is implementing the new Outlook design in this and future issues.

For more information on Larsen www.larsen.com.

Outlook Winter 2006 v3